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Site Credits

My art tools, programs, and brushes!

Marie isn't sure what all to include here, so if you want to know where they found or learned something, please ask! <3

Drawing and animating Resources

Web-coding Resources

  • W3Schools Tutorials and walkthroughs for commonly web-coding languages (HTML, CSS, JS, and more). Keep this open while you code for easy referencing.
  • MDN Web Docs more tutorials and walkthroughs for HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • HTML Cheat Sheet cheat sheet for commonly used html tags and attributes.
  • FreeCodeCamp Coding courses for HTML, CSS, and JS. This is what made HTML and CSS click for me, so I highly recommend.
  • CodePen The live preview code editor I use!
  • Sadgrl.Online various indie web resources and a customizable layout builder.

Collecting Resources